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Thirty-two domestic violence programs in Texas have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Countless survivors – both those in shelter, and those without – face unique vulnerabilities during this disaster. For those who have fled abuse in their homes to seek safety, the trauma of leaving is now compounded by the trauma of dealing with uncertainty, devastation, and disruption from the disaster. Other survivors have evacuated their home communities and find themselves isolated from their usual support systems with limited resources. Many may now be in settings with their abusive partners or ex-partners with little privacy or agency to seek help. 
Recovery will not be achieved overnight. As the initial threat of the storm fades, survivors must now find ways to rebuild their lives and maintain their safety. In too many communities, resources that were already in high demand – like transitional housing – were damaged in the storm and may not be available in the foreseeable future. Staff at local programs have also been impacted, some losing their homes, their cars, and all of their personal belongings. 

Abuse thrives in isolation and silence. Yet Texas survivors – and Texas domestic violence programs – are resilient. With your support, programs across the state have to re-opened services and are rebuilding damaged buildings and reconnecting with survivors in their communities. Your donation will support the recovery of Texas survivors, programs, and staff from this natural event of epic proportion. 

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